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GCB challenges Business Day publication “No Washrooms for Bank Customers”

The story, written by Gabriel Odonkor, said the Kwame Nkrumah Circle branch of GCB has no washrooms for customers. May we state clearly and in no uncertain terms that this is false.

Neither the News Editor nor the Reporter spoke to the Manager of the branch or the Corporate Affairs Department of the Bank to ascertain the situation at the branch. This would have ensured that a factual and accurate story is carried.

Our Kwame Nkrumah Circle branch, by virtue of its location is one of the busiest of GCB’s branch network and so adequate provision, in terms of toilet facilities, has been made.

Statement of Fact:

The Kwame Nkrumah Circle branch has seven washrooms. Out of this, two are within the main banking hall. One is dedicated to staff and the other one for customers within the branch. Outside the hall, there are five (5) washrooms. Out of this one is unisex for emergencies and two devoted for ladies and the other two, for males.

The Bank’s frontline staff and security personnel are visibly positioned to provide information including direction to washrooms for our valued customers if need be.

With the provision of this number of washrooms, it is unlikely that three men will rush out at the same time looking for a place of convenience and not find one.

We would be happy to conduct this reporter round the branch to confirm the fact as stated here.

It is our hope that this reaction will be given the same front page and online prominence just like the original story.

Issued by the Corporate Affairs Department

GCB Bank

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