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Gaza-Israel conflict shouldn’t split us apart in South Africa – Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday that South Africans should not let the Israel-Gaza conflict cause more disagreements.

Last week, there was a protest in Cape Town where people supporting Israel and Palestine argued with each other.

The president talked about the incident in his weekly letter and said it was concerning and not okay.

President Ramaphosa and the ANC support the Palestinians.

He said “It’s not the same thing to support the Palestinian cause as it is to be against Jewish people”.

Mr Ramaphosa criticized an Israeli newspaper for saying that his government’s support for the Palestinians could lead to violence against the South African Jewish community.

The letter asked South Africans to stay united as this conflict continues.

Last week, South Africa told the International Criminal Court (ICC) about what Israel’s government did during the fighting in Gaza.

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