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Ejisu/Juabeng: Community turns chief’s palace into classrooms

Pupils of the Amoam-Achiase Junior High School in the Ejisu/Juabeng Municipality of the Ashanti Region are using the Chief’s palace as classrooms due to inadequate classrooms in the school.

School authorities have warned the overcrowding in the school would negatively affect academic activities if the situation is not immediately addressed.

Congestion in the classrooms, which has been the major challenge facing the school, has left authorities with no option than to use the Chief’s palace as an improvised classroom for the pupils.

Enrolment at the school, which was the first public school to be built in the area has the highest population of over 200.

The assistant headteacher of the school, Frank Boateng said the situation is affecting academic activities.

According to him, over sixty (60) pupils occupy a classroom adding that the situation the pupils do not feel comfortable learning under that condition.

“About 240 students are occupying four classrooms, which is impossible and we have been having problems with congestion. So we pleaded with Nananom, and they gave the Palace to us to use as classrooms. The problem is that next academic year in September we are going to face the same problem of congestion,” he lamented.

Some of the pupils said the authorities could address the overcrowding in the school could by completing an abandoned classroom block.

Work has stalled on a 6-unit classroom block which was started ten years ago.

The GETFUND project which was built to ease the congestion in the school has been abandoned.

Weeds have now taken over the building some parts are falling apart. Community leaders have contributed to the development of the school by providing amenities like places of convenience for the pupils.

Unit Committee Secretary for the Amoam-Achiase electoral area, Kojo Nyame said efforts to get the abandoned classroom block completed have not been successful.

“The Unit Committee Members together with the Assemblyman recently went to the Municipal Assembly to get the authorities complete the building for the school. We were told that it was a GETFUND project and they could not do anything about it. We have made several follow-ups, but to no avail,” he indicated.

Amoam-Achiase Kyidomhene, Nana Ohemeng Manu wants the government to intervene.

“The congestion situation has brought a lot of challenge on the school. The classrooms are usually overcrowded, so the pupils had to be relocated to the Chief’s palace which is not meant for academic purpose. Now we can’t hold our usual meetings because of the situation. We are appealing for immediate intervention from the government”, he appealed.


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