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Dr Sam Ankrah denies being the image behind #TheNewForce billboards

A presidential candidate hopeful, Dr. Samuel Sarpong Ankrah, has dismissed allegations suggesting that he is the individual concealed behind the mask featured on billboards strategically placed around Accra.

Before this clarification, widespread assumptions linked him to the masked figure, fueled by a statement he issued declaring his presidential aspirations, accompanied by an image of himself holding the same mask.

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However, during an interview with TV3, Dr. Ankrah addressed these speculations stating that, “I saw the billboards announcing a new candidate and I was totally appalled, that at the height of our plight as Ghanaians, in this economy, we have another political candidate using a mask as the symbol to launch themselves. So, my campaign is a counter campaign to reiterate and send across the message that Ghanaians don’t need another masked leadership. I am not behind the boards. I’m only here to send a message of transparency and accountability.”

In a statement announcing his candidacy for the presidential slot, he touted the country’s current performance as “highly indebted, financially poor and aid-dependent”, as a result of what he says is 60 years of “Self-mismanagement”.

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Dr. Ankrah’s vision for the future, encapsulated in what he calls the BIG TEN, involves making housing, healthcare, education, food, fuel, transportation, a business-friendly environment through a robust anti-corruption effort, sound economic policies, sustainable job creation, and government machinery all affordable.

“I wouldn’t mind if I’m called Mr Affordable. Ghanaians can’t afford a living as we speak. Salaries don’t take us anywhere,” he lamented.

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His objective is to foster economic transformation, champion unity in diversity, and emerge as an inspirational leader.

Who is Dr Sam Ankrah?

He is an economist and investment banker, he asserts to have made substantial contributions to the realms of economics and investment banking. Holding an economics degree from the University of London, he presently holds the position of President at the Africa Investment Group.

Despite the less promising history of independent candidates in Ghana, with three individuals running in the fourth republic elections since 2008, accumulating a total vote share of less than 1%, Dr. Samuel Sarpong Ankrah remains undeterred. He envisions breaking the cycle and bringing forth a new era with his grand plans for Ghana.

He said, “Einstein said some profound words centuries ago, he says it’s only an insane person that keeps doing the same thing over and over again and expects to get different results. How far or how worse do you want to go. So, the time is now, it’s gotten to the point in our political history that we need to sit down and access things critically as people and analyse our situations and make decisions that will help us to chart a new path.”

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