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Did I hear “God bless you”? – Netizens react to Okomfo Black’s response to a GHC 21K gift

Renowned musician Mzbel recently shared a video capturing her son’s ecstatic reaction to a gift – a GHC 21,000 Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2. The 12:34-minute clip, posted on Mzbel’s Facebook page, showcases her son, Aaron Adepa Amoah (Okomfo Black), expressing gratitude for the high-end laptop.

In the video, Mzbel narrates the effort she invested in acquiring the laptop, and Okomfo Black’s excitement is palpable as he clutches the gift to his chest, running around in sheer joy upon receiving it.

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The heartwarming moment, capturing the mother-son bond, prompted many to comment on Mzbel’s parenting style.

Beyond giving his mother a kiss on the cheek and yelling thank you mum, Okomfo Balck also with deep emotion, said something many claim was “God bless you”.

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In a both the video posted on Facebook on on instagram, the comments dominant under both posts were inquiries about whether or not he indeed said “God bless you”.

Why is this peculiar? Well a few weeks ago, Mzbel’s son who hitherto had not been so much in the media space was interviewed on Obi TV last month where the articulate 10-year-old shared his unconventional beliefs, expressing skepticism about the existence of God and identifying as a traditionalist. He rejected the idea of God as a creator, attributing human existence to science. Okomfo Black emphasized his reliance on his mother, pouring libation, and connecting with his ancestors.

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His statements generated widespread debate and criticism on social media, with opinions ranging from accusing him of naivety to questioning Mzbel’s parenting skills. Some suggested he might change his views as he matures or faces life challenges.

Mzbel, defending her son as any mother would, clarified that Okomfo Black learned about these perspectives online and that she neither taught nor forced her beliefs on him. She affirmed her respect for his opinions and choices, urging those insulting her son to desist.

Given this background, the unexpected utterance of “God bless you” in the recent video has raised eyebrows, leaving many surprised at the potential contradiction between his expressed disbelief in God and the gratitude he conveyed in those words.

Some of the comments under the video posted on Facebook and Instagram are:

volta_empress_1: Ei adepa is in coding school!? Ma ka ekyere paaaaaa

volta_empress_1: Where did u guys hear the “God”?

emmbai933: Well done mzbel

emmbai933: Happy to see you excited though. Lol.

emmbai933: Adepa. Did I hear you say GOD bless you ? Ppl let’s help Adepa to understand GOD, the supreme being. well.

goldielooks_clotheline: Did I hear “God bless you”?

akua_k8: God bless you. yooo we hear

will16o9: This is beautiful. I just love the boys energy and charisma. Future leader

obaapa_akua_sarah_: Did I hear God Bless u ???? Hahaahaha

thatmelaninguy: He didn’t say God bless you wai! He said oooooohhh Bless youuuuuuu! Anyways me ne hwan?

appiah_1432: Did I hear this boy right did he say God bless you which god oooooooooooo. Funny people attention seekers, going to use gods name for your jokes think.

mariibaby87: Thank you mum

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