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Child abandoned in Portuguese hospital due to insurance delay

A two-year-old boy is currently hospitalized in Portugal. Returning to Wales for medical assistance is has become a challenge for him.

Theo Jones, who lives in Maesteg, Bridgend county, has a sickness in his brain. He needs to go to the hospital in Cardiff for treatment, but his parents say that the insurance company is taking too long to approve it.

They are worried that his condition will get worse and he won’t be able to go back home. AXA Partners insurance company has been requested to give their thoughts.

Theo got sick on September 13th while on a vacation in Portugal with his family. Two days later, he had to go to Faro Hospital in an ambulance.

His parents were first told that he had a sickness in his stomach, but a scan called an MRI showed that he had a problem in a part of his brain called the cerebellum.

His mom, Sarah Jones, said that their wonderful talkative and energetic boy can no longer speak, sit, or walk.

She said that the doctors told her that they thought a virus was hurting Theo’s brain.

Sarah said she talked with University Hospital Wales in Cardiff, and they agreed to move Theo there.

The doctors told Theo’s parents that he could go on a trip, but he would have to travel by a special plane for people with medical needs.

“She said that we just need to take him there now. ”

Sarah, her husband, and their five-month-old daughter are currently in Portugal. They need to move out of their place in early October.

She said the insurance company told them that Theo was a very important case, but they hadn’t given them any new information since getting a medical report on Tuesday.

Sarah said she had to ask her taxi driver to help her understand some of the documents because the company didn’t have a translator at that time.

She said that AXA wants to wait for two more days to see if Theo’s condition gets better.

However, she didn’t understand why they were waiting for him to get worse when he’s already been given permission to travel because he’s currently in a stable condition.

I am unable to talk to the people who are making these choices. She said that they are a mysterious group within AXA that nobody can seem to access or understand.

It’s a very bad dream. We have the cover now, they have taken the blame. They are not doing anything right now.

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