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Check out the names of these natural herbs in twi

Within this inclusive guide, we offer a compilation of the English names for a variety of herbs, accompanied by their respective Twi names.

This dual-language approach facilitates cross-cultural understanding, encouraging the utilization of traditional remedies for their medicinal, culinary, and spiritual advantages.

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Outlined below are familiar herbs and their corresponding Twi designations.

1. African tuliptree – Kokonisuo

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2. Gold coast bombax – Akonkodeɛ

3. Poison devils pepper – Kakapenpen

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4. Paullinia pinnata – Tuantini

5. Alstonia boonei – Nyamedua

6. Siam weed – Acheampong

7. Morind lucida – Konkroma/ngo ne nkyene

8. Poaceae – Abirekyire abodwese

9. Deinbollia grandifolia – Asikoto

10.Pycnanthus angolensis – Oteɛ

11.Pisonia aculeata – Akobowere

12.Scent leaf – Nunum

13.Justicia flava – Afema

14.Jute mallow – Ayoyo

15.Balm – Emee (emmanex herbs)

16.Punarnava – Aposumpo

17.Basil – Akoko mesa

18.Indian-almond – Abrofo nkate

19.Wireweed – Obrane atu ata

20. Lantana Camara- Ananse dokono

21.Nettle – Honhon/Bonhon

22.Cloves – pɛprɛ

23.Mistletoe – Nkranpan

24.Anise – Nkitinkiti

25.Purslane – Adwera

26.Wormweed – Ahahanhene

27.Griffonia – Kagya

28.Stinking weed – Nkodaankodaa brodeɛ

29.Anthocleista nobilis – Owudifuokete

30.Phyllanthaceae – Bowommaguwakyi

31.Abelmosk -Okra/ nkruma

32.Yellow Oleander – nnye me nnyere me (do not take me and bind me)

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