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Burkina Faso soldiers take part in raid against insurgents in Niger

The armed forces of Burkina Faso and Niger have murdered an obscure number of activists in joint operations, nearby media has detailed.

The assault comes a week after Burkina Faso’s parliament endorsed the sending of troops to Niger in arrange to battle the Islamist rebellion along the countries’ common border.

Burkina Faso’s state-owned RTB TV channel said on Sunday that strikes where propelled after troops spotted “a column of terrorists” taking off Niger for Burkina Faso.

Joint strengths “neutralised these assailants in sets on 100 motorbikes and annihilated most of their logistics” in eastern Burkina Faso’s Kantchari region, the channel included.

Earier this month, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali built up a protection agreement, named the Organization together of Sahel States, in a offered to back each other against any equipped disobedience or outside hostility.

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