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British tourist murdered after vehicle slides into 20-meter-deep canyon in Montenegro

On Tuesday, a bus in Montenegro went off the road and fell into a deep valley, causing the death of two people, including a person from Britain. Nine other people were also seriously hurt in the accident.

The local police reported that a bus belonging to Papović Bus company fell off the main road and went down a 20-meter deep cliff around 12:10 pm local time.

The bus with 30 people crashed into a barrier on the side of the road in Obzovica, in the hilly area of Cetinje. After crashing, it went forward for about 15 meters before breaking through the barrier.

One person on the radio said, “I was listening to music and everything was fine. ” Then, out of nowhere, people started screaming and there was the noise of glass breaking.

The police announced at 2pm on X, previously called Twitter, that two individuals passed away at the place.

A newspaper in Montenegro called DAN said they talked about a British man who is 66 years old and a 19-year-old person from Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica.
LB, who is 29 years old and from Ukraine, SK, who is 20 years old and from Podgorica, and NO, who is 25 years old and from Tivat, all experienced severe injuries and were quickly taken to the orthopaedic unit of a nearby hospital. Additionally, a 72-year-old individual named LDK also sustained serious injuries and was brought to the same hospital ward.

AS, a 33-year-old person from Ukraine, is currently receiving medical care in the intensive care unit at the Clinical Center of Montenegro. JTK, who is from Britain, has been taken to the emergency department at the same hospital.

At least 16 other passengers, who were tourists, got minor injuries. Some of them were a 25-year-old person from Britain, a 48-year-old person from Russia, a 38-year-old person from Japan, two people from Poland, and two people from Sweden.

Only three people were not harmed in the accident.

The police have accused a bus driver named NS, who is 36 years old and from Nikšić, of breaking the rules for driving safely on the road.

The person who was driving says that they passed out while they were driving, according to the Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti.
The person with a neurological condition got badly hurt and had to stay at the hospital’s neurosurgical department overnight in the city.

Lawyer Anđa Radovanović wants the driver’s blood and pee to be checked for alcohol and drugs.

The bus was driving its usual path to the village of Budva, which is about nine miles west of Obzovica. It was coming from the town of Cetinje when it had an accident.

Pictures from the area showed several of the 42 rescue workers using tools to lift the bus out of the deep valley.

A firefighter said that people from nearby towns assisted with the rescue operation.

He said that it is hard to watch every accident.

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