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British soldier in Ukraine allegedly ‘tortured and killed by another Brit’

A British ex-soldier, who passed away after choosing to fight for Ukraine, might have been subjected to torture and killed by another British fighter.

Jordan Chadwick, a 31-year-old man from Burnley, Lancashire, went to the war-torn country in October 2022 to help bring freedom, according to his family.

The ex-Scots Guard was part of a group called the International Legion. This group consisted of many foreign fighters who supported the Ukrainian armed forces.

Chadwick’s body was discovered in water near Kramatorsk, with his hands tied behind his back. This happened in June, near Bakhmut in the northwest.

According to The Sun, Chadwick’s fellow British fighter allegedly waterboarded him, as claimed by his comrades.

Before an official investigation into Chadwick’s death in February, Ukrainian investigators have discovered that the water in his lungs does not match the location where his body was found.
The State Bureau of Investigation in Ukraine is in charge of investigating cases involving police, soldiers, and high-ranking officials.

The DBR agency and the British Embassy in Kyiv have not made any comments about the investigation.

Last week, The Telegraph mentioned that Chadwick worked with a secretive team called Team 50/50. This team was a part of the Legion’s military intelligence division, known as the Legionnaires Special Service Group (LSSG).

Chadwick might have been shot during a small argument or killed by mistake during a ritual, as mentioned in the newspaper based on reports.

It happened after another British person named Daniel Burke, who volunteered to fight with Ukraine, was found dead.

The last time Burke, a person from Manchester who started his own group of volunteers from other countries called the Dark Angels, was in touch was in August. He was in a place called Zaporizhzhia, which is an important center for energy.
His family, who were really worried, told the authorities, which made them start looking for him for a few weeks. The search ended when they found a dead body.

On Saturday, the police in Greater Manchester said they are working with the police in Ukraine to confirm the identity of the body.

The Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation has been asked to give their opinion.

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