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Body parts discovered in three different bags by police in Florida

After an unidentified woman’s body was discovered in three different suitcases and thrown in a canal, police in Florida are looking for answers.

The victim was discovered last week in the Intracoastal Waterway in Delray Beach, a network of canals that extends parallel to the town’s coastline.

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Last Friday, when a resident saw a suitcase floating in the canal with what appeared to be a body part hanging out, they called the police.

Delray Beach Police Chief Russ Mager stated at a press conference that “within a few hours of this particular call, we received two other calls regarding other suitcases that were floating just south of this location.”

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Investigators found human remains in the other two luggage as well, and they quickly realised that all three belonged to the same person.

The victim’s identity is still unknown. She was about 5’4″ tall and had brown hair. Detectives think she was either Caucasian or Latin American, and between the ages of 35 and 55.

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We suspect the victim was placed in the water between Monday, July 17 and the early hours of Thursday, July 20, based on her condition. stated Sgt. Casey Kelly.

The luggage also held some of her apparel, including a floral top, a black shirt, and some black shorts. Her top’s manufacturer was identified as Betzabe, which investigators suspect to be a Brazilian company.

Police refused to disclose how they thought the person was killed because it was “sensitive case information.”

In order to identify the suspect and find out more details about the incident, investigators are seeking for the public’s assistance. Locals are currently being asked to search the video from their own security cameras.

“We request that you look out for any unusual vehicles or people, especially anyone moving or carrying luggage,” Added Sgt. Kelly.

Chief Mager continued, “No information is too small.”

Police published photos of two of the suitcases the victim was found in on Thursday.

While the other is green with white polka dots, one suitcase was purple. Pink ribbon seems to be tying the two together.

A photorealistic recreation of the victim’s face and attire was included in the artist’s depiction of the victim that was also made public.

According to the Delray Police, “These reconstructed images are not an exact likeness of the victim or her clothing and are simply the artist’s interpretation.”

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