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Big Akwes threatens McBrown on her show

Kumawood actor, Christian Akwasi Asamoah, popularly known as Big Akwes, has barred Nana Ama McBrown from associating with people he regards as enemies.

Earlier in a video that went viral, McBrown was seen hyping Frank Naro’s new song ‘Kom’ at an event.

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This did not sit well with Big Akwes who stormed social media with tantrums.

Big Akwes, who had always felt Frank Naro’s ‘Kom’ is a diss song to him, warned celebrities to desist from endorsing it.

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This was after he slapped Naro at a football gala in Kumasi.

Akwes was invited to McBrown’s Kitchen where the issue was brought up for discussion and he made some bold utterances.

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The host, Nana Ama McBrown, asked why Big Akwes has resorted to public attacks instead of resolving his issue with Frank Naro amicably.

“He is your brother, if he does something you don’t like, why don’t you privately confront the issue?” McBrown asked.

Big Akwes: He owes me, if you offer to pay the money he owes, then I’ll kill this issue. If you don’t pay, I won’t end this issue today or tomorrow.

Mcbrown: Frank never mentioned to me that he owes you, so you can’t tell me that. The other day, when I recorded a short video to hype Frank Naro’s song, you came out throwing indirect jabs. Although you didn’t insult me, you created the impression that we cannot help each other in this industry.

Big Akwes: I have seized some people in Ghana from recording videos to promote Frank Naro’s song and you are part of them. If they come out to do that, I will come at them with full force. I have respect for you, that’s why I didn’t come out to insult you the other day. But I’m telling you, this is your first and last warning!

McBrown: You are issuing a first and last warning to me? Me? Are you not all my younger siblings if not my children? So, what is wrong if we are all in the same industry and I decide to help one of us? Even if he owes you money, this isn’t the right way to go about it.

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