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Beware of expired malaria test kits on the market – FDA

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is alerting the public to beware of expired malaria test kits that have found their way onto the market.

The FDA says after its investigations, it has ascertained that some persons have tampered with the manufacture and expiry dates on the product.

“Though the said kit, SD Bio Line Malaria Test Kit, has been registered by the FDA, investigation revealed that the following information has been used to re-label the expired product,” FDA said in a press statement.

The FDA is also urging all health workers to take note of and not use such kits if they have them in their possession since they are certain to produce false results.

All health workers are supposed to notify the FDA if they have the said test kits in their possession for the FDA to take possession and dispose them off safely.

“FDA is working to retrieve the product from the market,” the statement added.

The authority per the statement is also liaising with the security agencies to apprehend the persons behind the criminal act.

Read the full statement below:

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