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Being secretive with phone password can collapse your marriage – Victor Wellrich

When a man and woman decide to build a life together in marriage, they pledge to remain faithful to each other and never to keep secrets that could be a deal breaker.

A senior accounts officer at Benchmark Marketing, Victor Wellrich, has narrated how beautiful marriages can collapse over a husband or wife’s decision to hide or constantly change their mobile phone password.

Victor posited that a partner who keeps little secrets like passwords can hide major things like properties from their spouse.

“Keeping and hiding things is always a major topic in any relationship that determines the make or break of it. It starts with your phone, and password issues…when you change your password every week and you argue about it…you haven’t solved the problem that can escalate to something big.

“If you have mastered the will of keeping your password secret, then you can hide any other thing…I am very open, if I hide something, it will be for a good reason,” he told Paula Amma Broni on Moans & Cuddles.

Victor Wellrich also shared factors that can influence a husband or wife to build or acquire properties without informing their better half.

He mentioned that some individuals might never forgive their partners when they discover such secrets.

“Something must go wrong for you to change your character. You might have seen a certain recurring problem from the person, and you realize that this guy is not changing, perhaps he is selfish. So if he is selfish with his things, why don’t you be selfish with yours?” he explained.

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