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Assembly of Burkina Faso approves sending troops to Niger

The lawmakers in Burkina Faso have agreed to send their soldiers to Niger, which is the country next to them. The military in Niger took control on July 26th.

The Defence Minister, Col Maj Kassoum Coulibaly, said on State TV that the soldiers will stay in Niger for three months, with the possibility of extending their stay. Their purpose is to fight against terrorism and help bring stability to the Sahel region.

Burkina Faso’s temporary government on August 30th agreed to send soldiers to Niger because they are expecting a military operation led by the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas).

Burkina Faso and Mali are supporting Niger’s military leaders. The leaders are being pressured by Ecowas to bring back the elected government or face more punishments and possible military action from neighboring countries.

Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali have agreed to work together to address shared problems like a jihadist uprising, general insecurity, and lack of development. They will establish a joint organization to coordinate their efforts.

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