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Accra Rehabilitation Centre cries for help

The Accra Rehabilitation Centre is calling on the government and relevant ministries and institutions to come to their assistance since funds from the government have ceased for some time.

According to the centre, the government used to provide most of the finances of the centre, including the payment of utility bills and other facility user fees.

However, the costs of managing the centre has been left on the shoulders of the management and staff of the centre with little support from social groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

In an interview with The Mirror, the Manager of the Centre, Mr Churchill Darlington, said the cost of educating, feeding and taking care of the health needs of the patients was huge that sometimes the centre has to solicit for funds from churches and well-wishers.

“Running this institution without stable income and needful resources is very tedious. Sometimes we wonder how we are able to make it through the week since we do not have the constant inflow of money”, he said.

He revealed that the institutions needed over US$50,000 to manage the place and provide the needed welfare to the students admitted.

He said the Centre support people with various disabilities and cater for the needs of these people. He said that it was the collective responsibility of the country and the society as a whole.

According to him, the institution trained some patients with disability, such as blindness, deaf and physical disabilities who were of school age in sewing, beads making, weaving, leatherwork, cosmetology, masonry, carpentry, tailoring, soap making and hairdressing.

He explained that students spent almost three years at the centre and, therefore, needed special care and love in order to adapt to the rehabilitation environment.

Challenges faced

Mr Darlington disclosed that the institution was confronted with challenges such as funds, lack of food staffs, detergents, toiletries, accommodation for patients coupled with improper healthcare facilities.

That, he said, affected the operations of the centre, adding that the centre needed urgent attention.

“Electricity bill alone cost GH¢300 a month while food cost over GH¢13,000 per month. Looking at our source of funds, it is only the support from the government, agencies and corporate Ghana that will help solve this problem.

He has, therefore, urged the government, family members, and churches; social groups, such as fan clubs, women fellowships and telecommunications providers to come to their aid.

“The activities of these students contribute to the socio-economic development of the country as well as reducing unemployment rate and relieve families of the burden to cater for relatives with disabilities, hence support for this institution should not be compromised or neglected”, he added

About the centre

The Accra Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1962, under the auspices of the Department of Social Welfare (now the department of social Development), to train and empower all persons with disability to acquire employable skills.

The Centre trains these patients in visual art, leatherwork, masonry, carpentry, cosmetology, tailoring, and sewing.

Information gathered indicate that currently, the centre houses 49 patients with 14 being female. It has 26 staff members, including security personnel and trade instructors.


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