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7 sure signs you are prepare to be a relationship

Here are seven telltale signals that you are prepared for a relationship as someone who is not opposed to being in one.

  1. You are happy

You are happy and comfortable being friends with yourself. If you are, it will be easier to be comfortable being around your partner. 

  1. Your emotions are stable

An emotionally immature or unstable person is often advised to avoid being in a relationship. If you are emotionally mature and stable, this is a sign that you are ready for a relationship. Being emotionally stable in this context does not mean there is no room to improve.

  1. You are ready to be vulnerable to another

You are ready for a relationship when you are open to being vulnerable to your partner. Being vulnerable requires letting go and allowing another individual to have a level of effect on you that not many people have. It also means you are ready to share your good and not-so-good sides with another person.  Why be in a relationship when you aren’t ready to be open with others?  A relationship is not an isolation space but a space for close contact, including with your worst and best personalities. 

  1. You know

Another good sign is that you are certain it’s a good time to be in one. Being certain or “knowing” its time can happen based on the stage or phase of life you are at the moment. It could also be triggered by meeting someone you believe is the right person to start a relationship with. When you know, go for it. More so, when you acknowledge the need not to be alone, you are on the verge of finding a partner. 

  1. Your financial habits are healthy

You have a healthy financial life or habit. You are not willing to be a burden you your partner, whether male or female, right? Hence, your sense of independence financially is another sure sign you are ready to take on an extra financial commitment that is not in any way related to making money. Usually, financial stability is a major sign for many men to realise they are ready for a partner; meanwhile, for many women who are intentional about their lives, they see financial independence as a major yardstick for them ever to consider being a relationship with another. If you tick this requirement as a man or woman, you are ready for a relationship. Love is sweet, but when money enters, love is sweeter, right? 

  1. You are whole

Do you have a healthy mindset toward being in a relationship? Have you healed from past hurts directly or indirectly inflicted on you? If your answer to both questions is yes, there is a sign that you are ready to be in a relationship.

  1. You are over a breakup

You are ready when you are sure and not sentimental about the fact that you are over a breakup and will not ruin your relationship with baggage from your previous relationship. Above all, be better, handle your issues, and be the person you would love your partner to be.

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