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7 reasons your phone charging slowly

Why is my phone charging slowly? You must have experienced the frustration of a slow charger. And at one point, you must have got concerned and wondered why your phone takes forever to charge. There are many reasons why the problem is so common. This simplified guide will help you understand the potential causes and the approaches you can take to resolve it.

If you are fed up with your phone charging for abnormally prolonged periods, you are not alone. That being a common issue, there are at least seven reasons that might be causing a slow charging problem. Each problem comes with a suggestion of how you can resolve it.

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There can be several reasons why your phone’s battery takes too long to get to 100%. Some of them include:

1. Faulty charging head or cable

Your phone’s charging head and cable are essential to maintaining optimal battery performance. However, using accessories can result in slower charging times, reducing your phone’s battery lifespan.

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A common reason for a slow charge is a poor connection between the head and cable. This could be due to dirt or lint stuck in the port, making it difficult for the cable to connect properly. Another problem is using third-party cables or heads not certified by the phone manufacturer.

To resolve this problem:

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  • See that you are using the manufacturer’s high-quality charging head and cable.
  • Clean your phone’s charging port using compressed air or a toothbrush to remove dirt and lint.
  • Try a different head or cable if your phone’s battery is still not filling up at its optimum speed.

2. Faulty charging port

A faulty port can cause significant slowdowns in your phone’s juicing up time. When the port is faulty, the phone may struggle to hold a charge, leading to sluggish charging speed and unexpected shutdowns.

You can fix the problem by cleaning the port with a small, pointed object like a toothpick, as long as it is not too sharp, wet, or made of metal. You may also use compressed air to blast any debris stuck in the opening.

An alternative solution is to replace the port entirely. The option will need some technical knowledge and could be relatively expensive, depending on the make and model of your phone. Replacing the port is a reliable way to eliminate the problem.

3. Insufficient power supply

Insufficient power supply happens when the charging port is not receiving enough electricity from the power source. This issue often leads to slow charging, which can be quite frustrating.

In dealing with this problem, see that you’re using the original charger with the device. This charger handles the phone’s power needs and supplies the appropriate voltage. If the original charger isn’t available, a charger with the same specifications is recommended.

Another solution is to find a high-power charger. Such chargers have a higher amperage and will provide more current to the charging port. You can also try switching to a different power source, such as a wall socket, as the power output of laptops or other devices may be insufficient.

4. Multiple background apps

Why does my phone take so long to charge? If you have several background apps running while charging, your device can cause the charging process to slow down. Background apps continuously use your phone’s power, making your device work harder than it should while trying to charge.

Close all running background apps or switch your phone to airplane mode while charging to address the challenge. That will prevent your device from utilizing extra power, making charging more efficient and faster.

5. Defective or dying battery

When a phone battery starts to fail, it often results in slow charging times. As a battery degrades, it loses its ability to hold a charge, which requires more energy to fill it back up.

One solution to the problem is replacing your ageing battery with a fresh one better equipped to handle your device’s energy needs. Another option is a fast-charging adapter, which can speed up the process and help get you back to using your phone in no time.

If the above approaches refuse to work, you must buy a new phone. If your phone has a non-removable battery, that is another reason to replace your phone since it’s easier than the alternative.

6. Using and charging the phone at the same time

When you use your phone while it is plugged in, it tends to slow down the charging process. This is because the energy from the power source is distributed between the phone’s activities and charging. As a result, the battery takes longer to get charged.

Avoid using your phone while it is plugged in. This way, you allow the battery to get fully charged at a faster rate. It is also advisable to put your phone in airplane mode. This helps reduce power consumption.

7. A system update

It’s a common occurrence for a phone to take longer to charge after a system update. The problem is that these updates are often accompanied by background tasks and features that consume significant battery power.

You may solve this problem by optimizing the settings on your device. You can reduce the brightness level of your screen, switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use, and turn off automatic updates and location services.

An alternative is to close all unnecessary apps and use your device in power-saving mode during charging.

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