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Friday, December 8, 2023

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25-year-old man who scaled wall near Buckingham Palace to appear in court

A person has been accused of trespassing because they climbed a wall near Buckingham Palace.

Police at the palace discovered a man climbing the wall and going into the Royal Mews, which is beside the palace, at 1. 25am on Saturday, as per the Metropolitan Police.

Awad Rovalino, who is 25 years old, has been accused of going into a place where he wasn’t supposed to be and trying to steal something from a car, all at the same time.

He is scheduled to go to Westminster magistrates court later today.

Buckingham Palace said that no royal people were living there at the time. Sky News told.

The Royal Mews is in charge of planning how the royal family gets around when they travel on the road, whether it’s by car or by horse and carriage.

The Gold State Coach, which was used at Queen Elizabeth II‘s 70th anniversary celebration and the recent crowning of the King, is stored in that location.

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