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Sunday, December 3, 2023

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21-year-old Gh guy ties the knot with 63-year-old white woman in a lavish ceremony

A young Ghanaian man, believed to be only 21 years old, has recently formalized his relationship with his 63-year-old white girlfriend.

 A video circulating on the internet captures the couple adorned in kente in a lavish ceremony.

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As widely acknowledged, age should not be a barrier to experiencing genuine love, and thus, the young man should be allowed to enjoy his marriage without undue judgment, despite the significant age gap.

Meanwhile, some social media users have speculated that the young man might not be motivated by love for the older woman but instead may be seeking a green card, which could be a reason for agreeing to the marriage.

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Conversely, there are also netizens who have praised the young man for potentially securing his future through this marriage, as marrying a citizen of another country can sometimes provide opportunities for residency or citizenship, often referred to as obtaining a green card in the United States.

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