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Baby’s head continues to grow due to medical condition

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A mother claims that her kid is “beautiful” despite the insults people have hurled at her because of a medical problem that causes the baby’s head to keep growing.

Adalgisa Soares Alves of Brazil realised something wasn’t right when she became pregnant with Graziely Alves Régis because she experienced excruciating abdominal discomfort.

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Graziely was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid on the brain that put pressure on her skull and caused damage, when she was eight months pregnant, according to the doctors.

Due to the condition, Graziely’s head was larger than average when she was born and continues to grow despite multiple operations.

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She was given three months to live by doctors but Graziely has defied expectations and despite losing her sight, being bedbound and unable to talk, she is still alive aged 29.

Now Adalgisa, 48, says her daughter has been dubbed the ‘giant baby’ and decided to share Graziely’s daily struggles on social media.

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‘I don’t think it’s cruel because “baby” is an affectionate word, but when they call out her “big head” I feel sad,’ the mum told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

‘Because then that is just being cruel.

graziely and her mum
Graziely was only given three months to live by doctors (Picture: Jam Press / Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)
graziely and her mum
She has a medical condition called hydrocephalus (Picture: Jam Press / Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)
graziely and her mum
Adalgisa hit out at the online trolls who call her daughter names (Picture: Jam Press / Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)

‘But the important thing is that me, and all our family and friends, love Graziely the way she is.’

The mum said nothing could be done to help her daughter before or immediately after she was born.

She said: ‘Every day I take care of her, bathe her and feed her with all my love.

‘I’m dedicated to Graziely and it makes me happy to see her well cared for, from me and all of our family.

‘Nephews, cousins, aunties and many more family members love to come and see her and care for her.

‘I don’t work, I just take care of her — I’m happy to take care of her and it is rewarding when I see her smile.

She is now bed bound, has lost her sight and is unable to talk (Picture: Jam Press / Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)

‘I never lose hope because I am a woman of great faith and I always put God above everything — I pray a lot every day.’

Graziely’s day begins at 7am with a homemade papaya smoothie followed by soup and a clean at 11am, and again at 6pm.

Graziely uses 30 packs of nappies, costing 75 reais (£12.20) per pack, with around 2,250 reais (£366) being spent on the essential per month.

The family rely on BPC payments, a non-contributory pension scheme available to those unable to work due to disability.

People across social media have supported Adalgisa and Graziely with Sarah commenting: ‘This lady is an awesome mum,’ and another person said: ‘God bless you so much.’

Adalgisa added: ‘I always hope that she will live [for] many years.

‘She transmits positive energy and I feel a peace that overflows when someone visits her.

‘I will always give her the best because she was born from my womb, she was very much loved and desired inside my belly and I will love her until the last day of her life.’


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