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Death of a youngster who fell from plane onto railroad tracks two years ago still in question

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More than two years after the incident, the identity of the teenager who fell from the Heathrow Airport-bound jet is still unclear.

After spending so much time trying to identify him, police investigators who are looking into his death are perplexed.

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Between Mortlake and North Sheen stations in Richmond upon Thames, his body was discovered on the lines on December 14, 2020, according to the Sun.

An inquest at West London Coroners Court was told he had likely hidden himself in the wheel well of the aircraft, where boot marks were found, in efforts to reach the UK.

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Authorities are struggling to identify the victim (Picture: British Transport Police/Shutterstock)
Authorities are struggling to identify the victim (Picture: British Transport Police/Shutterstock)

Believed to be aged between 15 and 18, the victim suffered ‘major injuries’ to his head, neck, chest and torso.

They were consistent with both ‘contact with a moving train and a fall from height such as an overflying aircraft’.

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The court heard that despite the ‘sterling efforts’ from both the British Transport Police and the National Crime Agency, authorities have not been able to contact his family.

His identity remains a mystery as no form of identification was found on him, and he had no visible tattoos or scars.

But when BTP arrived at the scene at 10am that day, he was missing both shoes and socks.

He was reportedly wearing a green polo shirt with the text reading ‘Sulid Supra Used High Quality Motorcycle Parts’ that as traced to a motorbike shop in Nigeria.

Owners confirmed they were unable to identify missing employees, while police in the country are circulating his image.

A post-mortem examination found that the victim did not show signs of natural diseases.

There was no evidence of a third party assault, and his cause of death was found to be hypothermia and hypoxia at altitude, a common cause of death for those hiding in the wheel storage of an aircraft.

Forensic pathologist Dr Robert Charles Chapman said: ‘It is probable he died prior to impact on the railway track.’

Acting senior coroner Lydia Brown said his cause of death was misadventure.

She told the court: ‘Sadly, the contact has not been made for me to share what I know about this young man,’ according to the newspaper.

‘He took steps to access this aircraft in a short period of time and lost his life during his endeavours to reach the UK.’


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